November 2017

Sorry, but we have to cancel the planned concerts in December.

Stay loud, Gadebusch

October 2017

We were supposed to play in the KuT in Gadebusch in December. And then came the local politics and banned all activities in this autonomous place. We send our solidarity to the local activists hoping that they will open up again soon! 

Summer break

May 2017

Shit. One of us broke his arm and since he needs it for playing the guitar, we have to cancel our concert at the Earthshaker Fest. And other shows before mid August also seem pretty unrealistic at the moment. 🙁

new Merch

July 2016

Sleeping masks and neck rolls are “sold out”, but hey: We have toilet bags now!


Quiet times are over

June 2016

Our period of inactivity is over: First we play in Bremen and then we head towards Düsseldorf: It’s our favourite raccoon’s birthday and we are looking forward to celebrate him accordingly. And in July dørtebeker will finally play in the Störtebeker. It was about time.

English website version live.

May 2015

You can now browse this homepage in English as well. We will translate all the original content – Step by step. 

Demotape is out

April 2015

image1-5We’re glad that the label that keeps Flingern dirty (aka Raccoone Records) releases eight of our songs on tape – supported by Tofu Guerrilla. We will celebrate the release on Raccoone’s label party in Dusseldorf on May 30th together with Gesamtscheisse:ScheisseMülheim AsozialLambs and hopefully a lot of other nice people. We’ll bring freshly printed merchandise as well: neck rolls, sleeping masks and 2nd hand clothes. All those who do not need tangible sound storage media can of course still download some songs.

Tadaaaa! We are on the Internet now.

September 2014

We launched our website and also uploaded some of the recordings from our rehearsal room. Next up: vacation and traveling. 

Our debut on stage, our songs recorded and a band name found

June 2014

That was nice: Our first concert in the good old Friese together with van Beek and  Cartouche. We took the opportunity of being together, put up some microphones in our rehearsal room and recorded some stuff. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as we know where and how we publish the nine songs we have so far. 

We also agreed on a band name – finally. We’re now neither called Dörte Becker nor Doerthe Bäcker, Giraffenstillstand or Fiasko 404. The only name we could agree on is dørtebeker. Please don’t ask what it means. It’s basically a silly play on words impossible to translate to English.